官宣丨宁波来了!WTCR重返中国 华丽回归


*China's established home of great World Touring Car racing returns to WTCR schedule

*Event due to form part of WTCR's planned Asia leg from November 6-7

*Previous WTCR visits have delivered action-packed entertainment




The WTCR − FIA World Touring Car Cup is set to visit the Ningbo International Speedpark from November 6-7 as the made-for-great-racing track prepares to host WTCR Race of China for a third time.


It follows the signing of an agreement between venue owner MiTime Group and WTCR promoter Eurosport Events.

宁波国(guo)际赛道拥(yong)有者铭(ming)泰集团与WTCR推广方Eurosport Events正式签(qian)署协议。

Inaugurated in 2017, the 4.010-kilometre layout has consistently delivered action-packed entertainment, initially from the FIA World Touring Car Championship before the WTCR came on stream in 2018.



Across two visits by the WTCR, three drivers have won races, while eight others have visited the podium, including top Chinese racer Ma Qinghua, who placed second in Race 1 in 2019.

WTCR两度到访(fang)宁波期(qi)间(jian)已(yi)有(you)三位(wei)(wei)车(che)手(shou)斩获分站胜(sheng)利。另有(you)八(ba)位(wei)(wei)车(che)手(shou)登(deng)上领奖(jiang)台,其中包括(kuo)曾在2019年的Race 1中取得(de)亚军的中国(guo)顶(ding)尖(jian)车(che)手(shou)马青骅。

There was further cause for home celebration that year when Yvan Muller took a win double for Cyan Racing Lynk & Co.

2019赛季同样见证了伊万·穆勒(Yvan Muller)为Lynk & Co Cyan Racing车队在主(zhu)场豪取两场胜利。


Xavier Gavory, WTCR Director, Eurosport Events, said: “The prospect of the WTCR returning to the Ningbo International Speedpark is very exciting and means the calendar for the 2021 season is now complete. The track’s design promotes great racing, the facilities are to a high standard and we can count on the strong support of our partner MiTime Group to deliver a first-class event.”

Eurosport Events WTCR总监泽维(wei)尔(er)·加沃里(li)(Xavier Gavory):“WTCR回归宁波国际(ji)赛(sai)(sai)(sai)道的前景令人激动(dong),代(dai)表着2021赛(sai)(sai)(sai)季WTCR的赛(sai)(sai)(sai)历(li)圆满完成。赛(sai)(sai)(sai)道的设(she)(she)计带(dai)来了精彩的赛(sai)(sai)(sai)事(shi)(shi),赛(sai)(sai)(sai)道设(she)(she)施(shi)也达到(dao)了高标准,我们将与合作伙(huo)伴铭泰集团(tuan)共同(tong)带(dai)来一场顶尖水(shui)准赛(sai)(sai)(sai)事(shi)(shi)。”

Weng Xiaodong, President, MiTime Group, said: “It is a milestone moment that MiTime Group, which has been devoted to motorsports since 2005, could work together with Eurosport Events to make the FIA WTCR event return to China possible. We are very confident to make it the best WTCR event in history. And as Chengdu Tianfu International Speedpark, an FIA grade 2 circuit and a second MiTime track in China, will be put into use in the first half of next year, we are also looking forward to the possibility of meeting the FIA WTCR drivers and teams in Chengdu in the future.”

铭(ming)泰(tai)(tai)集团(tuan)总(zong)裁翁晓东(dong)表示:“与(yu)Eurosport Events合作将(jiang)国际汽(qi)联WTCR带回中(zhong)国,是自(zi)2005年以来致力于赛(sai)车运动领域的(de)(de)铭(ming)泰(tai)(tai)集团(tuan)的(de)(de)一个里程碑(bei)。我们非常有信心将(jiang)其打造成(cheng)为WTCR历史(shi)上(shang)的(de)(de)最佳(jia)战役。同(tong)时铭(ming)泰(tai)(tai)在(zai)中(zhong)国的(de)(de)第二条赛(sai)道(dao)——成(cheng)都(dou)天府国际赛(sai)道(dao)也(ye)将(jiang)在(zai)明年上(shang)半年投入使用(yong),我们期待在(zai)成(cheng)都(dou)与(yu)国际汽(qi)联WTCR的(de)(de)车队和(he)车手们相会。”

WTCR Race of China is scheduled as rounds 13 and 14 of the 2021 WTCR − FIA World Touring Car Cup in between the races at Inje Speedium in South Korea and Macau. The three events are dependent on restrictions affecting worldwide travel and freight movement being eased. However, if they do get the green light then it will mark the WTCR’s return to a region synonymous with FIA World Touring Car racing.



Ningbo International Speedpark in 100 words 

Located in Chunxiao in the rapidly-expanding Beilun coastal development near Ningbo − a major port and industrial city with a population of more than seven million − in Zhejiang province, the track opened in time for WTCC Race of China in October 2017 following more than a year of construction work at a cost of 950-million CNY (122 million euros). It runs in an anti-clockwise direction, is between 12-18 metres in width and features 22turns.




WTCR − FIA World Touring Car Cup 2021 calendar

Rounds 1 and 2: WTCR Race of Germany, Nürburgring Nordschleife: June 3-5

Rounds 3 and 4: WTCR Race of Portugal, Vila Real: June 26-27

Rounds 5 and 6: WTCR Race of Spain, MotorLand Aragón: July 10-11

Rounds 7 and 8: WTCR Race of Italy, Adria International Raceway: July 31-August 1

Rounds 9 and 10: WTCR Race of Hungary, Hungaroring: August 21-22

Rounds 11 and 12: WTCR Race of South Korea, Inje Speedium: October 16-17

Rounds 13 and 14: WTCR Race of China, Ningbo International Speedpark: November 6-7

Rounds 15 and 16: WTCR Race of Macau, Circuito da Guia: November 19-21










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